Journey Lab

Creative Production Studio

What We Believe

We believe stories are how we make sense of the world—and that they make us better. At Journey Lab, we believe everyone has a sense of personal folklore, your legend, that got you to exactly where you are now. A continuous becoming that we seek to blend with theatre, creating an extraordinary reality that’s explorable and leaves the hair standing up on the back of your neck. We believe in action, so we place the audience on their feet, at the heart of the story—the hero. We believe in the power of creativity and the importance of creative expression. We believe in the invaluable benefits of arts and drama education—and are fierce advocates. We believe growth occurs through challenges; in risking, failing, and risking again–in experimentation, to build the next frontier of audience experience. We believe your story is endless in possibility.

What We Make

Quite simply: artfully-curated, sensorial narrative adventures designed to impact you with a desired feeling. Whether in the form of a cinematically-designed building that transports you or an awareness-shifting, town-wide amalgamation of narrative, character, and discovery. We craft experiences that resonate with the stomach, not the head. Destinations where you decide what you do, what you see and celebrate that. The result breaks expectations and reveals the extraordinary. 

How We Do It

Cross—disciplinary design and event direction. A full-picture collaborative approach. Bent on audience agency. The way in which a work is made is every bit as important as how it is received. We generate a subtle dialogue with audiences. We practice the planning of the emotional and affective at the center of the design process, rather than the ‘thing’ or material that is created. Where traditional design is complete when the ‘thing’ is produced, experience design comes to life in the lived subjective experience of the audience. Sounds overwhelming, but is deeply satisfying.