Formed in 2015, Journey Lab creates and produces experimental works that combine disciplines into transformative narrative worlds that place the audience at the heart of the experience.

Driven by our mission to connect communities through a rich culture of creativity, our aim is to communicate with contemporary, nontraditional theatre audiences who may feel alienated from traditional forms of art, and to engage them in both creative dialogue and participation. Journey Lab is an award-winning organization with works produced internationally where the brand has brought its unique approach to world-building by creating trans-locational, narrative-rich, immersive, and interactive experiences. 

Behind the curtain, the organization is composed collaboratively across all disciplines, such as: architecture, construction, painting, video/photographic production, Emmy award-winning virtual and augmented reality, audio, and olfactory engineering, narrative construction, costuming, performance, and everything else it takes to build a destination. 

Journey Lab strives to produce works that transform the passive consumption of the arts into life-changing experiences, challenge our perspective while being radically transparent and accessible. 

Journey Lab: International expands our reach to a global audience by taking our work further afield worldwide, contributing to the cultural exchange of global artists – where we can share the best practices possible.


At Journey Lab, our philosophy is rooted in a passion for storytelling, expanding the audience's experience beyond the walls of the production – inviting you to step into a world with a narrative as vast as your imagination. Our team specializes in crafting cinematically designed worlds where the audience is free to explore the realms of a narrative and are challenged to discover their own. By blending theatre and reality, we curate a place where discoveries inspire a creative lifestyle and connect communities. 

Journey Lab is organized exclusively for educational and cultural purposes in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or any corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

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