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United Nations + HeForShe Arts Week • NYC 2017


Joining UN: Women, The United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women in presenting the second annual HeForShe Arts Week in New York City. Journey Lab is a partner in the 2017 Arts Week – proud to evolve the behaviors, norms, and perceptions that shape our cultural view of gender, with other partners like The Public Theatre and New York City Ballet.

Elsinore | Hayley has the world at her feet. Her mother passes dubiously leaving her company to her sister, as she struggles to submit or rage against the injustice of her new reality. Attending as plus-one's to an exclusive dinner reception, audiences are thrust into the center of an interactive evening to mourn, celebrate, and question the nature of their choices and identity.

~Proceeds will benefit the UN Women and HeForShe mission.


Riverside Park Conservancy Gala • NYC 2016


The World of Tomorrow

After a wildly successful gala event for Historic House Trust, the Riverside Park Conversancy – a local NY-nonprofit dedicated to the restoration and sustainability of the Riverside Park.

Inspired by the events and presentations at the 1939 World’s Fair, running as the main original theme – a celebration of past present and future technology. Opening with a live-filmed “Broadcast” airing –

accompanied with a reflection of the showcase of Franklin D Roosevelt’s speech around Manhattan as part of the Fair’s events.

Focused on the origins and history of Riverside Park, Journey Lab produced an enticing experience for 200+ gala guests. An elegant story unfolded while guests self-explored the park and became apart of a story 100 years in the making.

“I felt completely transported. it all felt so natural – I didn’t realize this was interactive. I just thought I was having the most magnificent evening.”

— Sarah R. (gala guest from feedback survey)

riverside park conservancy gala.jpg

Historic House Trust Gala • NYC 2016


Approached by the Historic House Trust after the run of Alving Estate, Journey Lab was commissioned by Jesse Y. Ramos to develop an a new way nonprofit development and auction-based fundraising could intersect with an immersive / interactive event. 

The result: an interactive experience for three hundred gala attendees within the Metropolitan Club. Guests co-created the outcome of an ambitious love triangle culminating in a massive feast and dance party.

“I’ve been to 100’s of these, and I wish  you guys (JL) were with me all those times. I’m glad this happened . ”  -   Rebecca S. (Gala Guest)

“I’ve been to 100’s of these, and I wish you guys (JL) were with me all those times. I’m glad this happened.- Rebecca S. (Gala Guest)