Journey Lab is an award-winning creative production studio built from an obsession with storytelling, and coffee.


Journey Lab is dedicated to elevating the world’s consciousness through surprise and story.

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Step into another world. Journey Lab has produced and created a portfolio of global works on the cutting-edge of narrative, design, and experience as: world built destinations for audiences willing to surrender.

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As a creative partner to brands like: Google, Visa, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Campari, Martini; working with New York City nonprofits as an event partner, we make it easier to bring ideas to life. We bring grand-scale shows to life, while keeping things intimate.

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Enrichment • 501(c)3

Did we mention we’re also a 501(c)3 nonprofit? When you realize the impact of the skills behind theatre-making for students and professionals – we dedicated ourselves to advancing education of the arts. We believe creative expression should be nurtured.

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The Lab – Moscow Experiment – The Revenants – Journey Lab

The Lab

It’s in our name. It’s what defines our process and approach in creating experimental works that combine disciplines into transformative narrative worlds, innovating interactive technique, and any ideas that come up can grow here.

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Journey Lab Agency – Creative Production Studio


Journey Lab / Agency is a creative production partner that believes that where ever we can find a story, we can find a purpose. Built with dedicated teams, each led by experienced specialists – we are made to create culture. To find ways for audiences and makers to amalgamate faultlessly into the swirl of experiences that surround us.

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Workshops + Masterclasses

Idea's have their limits when your toolbox could use expanding. We encourage an endless pursuit of professional development and serious play. So, we partner with experts to offer free, or low cost, workshops and masterclasses, with the likes of Sleep No More’s Hope Davis and The Interactive Playlab – Jeff With; among others.

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Impression. A singular experience. Crafted for you.

An unforgettable, interactive, solo-odyssey. Journey Lab & Wildrence come together to dive deep into the world of Syntax Industries, a company making waves in applied technologies and artificial intelligence. You are invited to be the first human to interact with their newest prototype in artificial intelligence. What can you teach this AI? What will you learn?



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Advancing arts education.

Journey lab: ENRICHMENT

Support /Work With Us

The passion behind our nonprofit mission drives us as ambitiously as we would approach any production: maximum impact for the participant. We are eager to further explore the impact of creative vocabulary with education in a diverse array of course topics. For now, we’re just starting off. So we need your help.


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I’ll never forget that look on my student’s faces when that light bulb turns on. You made it so easy for them. Creative freedom + serious play. I’m not ashamed to say that I learned quite a bit in this workshop too.

– Sylvia R., Arts & Drama Teacher

In March of 2017, we beta-launched our Enrichment program with the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts through a two-part intensive for students pursuing theatre and visual mediums. The goal, to develop applicable skills and vocabulary to transform a story into a sensorial, immersive performance world. Through learning the basics of story structure, immersive-audience psychology, and story development – an adapted piece of text was organically explored into a fully realized conceptual immersive moment, concluding with a showcase of the groups’ experiments.

The result: an expansion of the conscious container we use to synthesize ideas into something profound, and a well-earned active experience of their work, as well as others. An empathetic connection towards fellow students, with both voices and listening. An increasing curiosity in other subjects, doing all the good things arts typically provide for students.

Our Enrichment efforts have since expanded, and are now diversified between university masterclasses, middle and high school workshops – and are made possible by our partnerships with each school and from advocates and supporters of the arts.

We hope you might consider making a recurring donation to support our growing program of activity.

*If you are a school or university interested in Enrichment programming contact us here.



Accepting applications.

Journey Lab was built by artists, and honestly – we get the struggle. Like fighting against the current, it is difficult to find peace when opportunities for growth either come at an extreme cost, or you end up playing with your friends in your dad’s garage. Well, let’s meet in the best of both worlds.

Journey Lab partners and provides masterclasses with expert artists, as well as six, eight, and twelve week workshops where we serious-play for growth. It’s meant to be enjoyed, but also exceptionally challenging.

All of our Artist Residency workshops come at no cost to you artists. It’s time to start making opportunities. No excuses.

We’re accepting applications into the Artist Residency Program – to cultivate a unique company of artists to master skills for interactive and immersive performance; including story structure and application, social psychology, physical performance, game mechanics and invention.