Saudade, (the presence of absence). Gallery partnership. Isolation. Connectivity. 4 secs expanded. NYC. 2018.


Special four-day performance at the North of History gallery. Saudade (the presence of absence), untranslatable from Portuguese, roughly means the melancholic nostalgia for something you’ve never had.

Developed as a response to North of History's Urban Interconnections, the exhibition explores the isolation and connectivity which creates the fundamental fabric of the city we call home and weaves us together into a dynamic tapestry.



The Alving Estate. Perspective. 7 Years before Ghosts. NYC. 2016.

An immersive, site-sympathetic theatrical experience, The Alving Estate placed audiences several years before the events of Ibsen's Ghosts. Brought on as prospectively employed household help, the audience is launched into a world of false promises and desperate desires.

This production was an experimental engagement for NYC audiences.



Astor & Grey: The Rendezvous. Trans-locational, stumble-upon experience for one. Across three towns in NJ. 2015.

Our roots. This is the place we started, and we will always want to get back to. We designed three acts to this experience. 

An intimate trans-locational, stumble-upon experience for one person set within a dozen cafes across the towns of Montclair, Bloomfield, and Glenridge. The staff and associates of the famed antique shop: Astor & Grey's Antiques and Auctioneers, were engaged by participants in one-to-one, tactile rendezvous that explore the mysteries of the shop and the people who run it.