Journey Lab has partnered with Jeff Wirth and the Interactive PlayLab for an exclusive workshop series developing the foundations of interactive and immersive performance. This on-going workshop series leads performers through open platform training to discover how to embody interactive performance through focus, presence, and play.

Performers are trained in the art of interaction, incorporating dramatic improvisational skills to better engage with an audience in an immersive setting; activating the imagination and encourage free play in an ensemble-based environment.

Interested in auditioning for the next eight-week session? Please e-mail us at Please include 'IPL Workshop' in the subject line.

About Jeff Wirth: the director and founder of the Interactive Play Lab in NYC, a facility that is teaching artists to become “inter-actors,” to better embody the spirit of immersive and interactive theatre. A master of the art of serious play. His background spans the spectrum–from Ringling Brother’s clown to university professor, from computer programmer to ballroom dancer, from published author to nationally renowned improviser.  This diverse background has given rise to a unique blend of visionary imagination and nuts-and-bolts practicality. Jeff’s creative skills have attracted a roster of top-tier clients, including Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering, Blue Man Group, and Ringling Brothers Clown College. He is a recognized authority on interactive experience design, having developed and directed over 100 projects for industries ranging from entertainment, to healthcare, to hospitality. Jeff has run three production companies, edited a national newsletter, and authored the book Inter-active Acting. He has also written and directed over 100 interactive performance experiences.







Journey Lab hosted an intimate 3-hour workshop on movement and performance technique with Hope Davis, rehearsal director and performer at PUNCHDRUNK's SLEEP NO MORE. Hope's workshop equipped actors and dancers with the tools to create narrative based, physical interactions.

This workshop will explored: establishing trust with your partners, the space, and the audience.

We are happy to provide an exclusive opportunity to learn from an original cast member of Sleep No More – the immersive experience that set the bar for the genre in New York and is still selling out after four years.



A staple in the New York dance community since 2001, Hope has performed with Mark Dendy, Christopher Williams, Douglas Dunn and Dancers, among others, and joined the original cast of Sleep No More in its initial run at ART in Boston in 2009. Although she comes from a strong dance background, Hope has an immense passion for theatre and working with actors. She teaches movement and partnering at NYU's Playwrights Horizons, was a performer and rehearsal director for Davis Freeman's immersive work "Too Shy To Stare," studied acting at the Stella Adler school, and recently graduated the one-year program at the International Center of Photography. 

She is drawn to storytelling in all its forms, but continues to be compelled by the immersive theatre medium that combines her love of images, character creation, and environmental responsiveness, with physical trust and specificity. She continues to be fascinated by the immediacy of live experience and the skills that are required to play there. Her unique experience and perspective as a multidisciplinary artist makes her an incredible resource for this type of work.