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The Lab


It’s in our name. It’s what defines our process and approach in creating experimental works that combine disciplines into transformative narrative worlds, innovating interactive technique, and any ideas that come up can grow here.

The Lab allows us a mental and physical space to express, test, and stress ideas. The hub of our research & development. Anything we can not fit into the main tiers of programming is enlisted under the Lab.

In the old days, we called our retreats Conclaves – because we would lock ourselves away for a weekend in utter devotion to a project. As if we’re electing the next Pope. These meetings set the foundation for immersion into a given project, which over the course of the company’s development, continues to reinvent everything from the ground up each time.

The Lab could be a cultural event incubator in one mind, and a quiet place to write and find inspiration to another. The Lab also serves as a haven for invited artists to explore the limits of their work, receive guidance and feedback, and improve their practices.


2019 Public Re•view

  • Symposium / Wildrence, “Crafting An Experience For One: Impression

  • Press / Editorial, a quarterly print centered around creative expression in the art world, as transmuted through the Journey Lab team

Future – Incubating

  • Moving Picture Lab / Division, expanding our storytelling applications to film, in a seriously fun way

  • JL: Capital / Division, designed to assist creators in producing, investing, and support to production-making

  • Festival / because who doesn’t want a parade?

  • Properties Resource / Division, when we’re between worlds, there’s so much stuff – so we make it easier for other makers / companies to have resources they need

  • Workshops + Masterclass / Division, you would think we get tired of reinventing the wheel; but it’s nothing of the kind

Quick note: Ironically, we are still building this page. If you are reading this, you’re one of the lucky few who get’s to see a comment about the process. Going to take you to Enrichment, because it’s one of my (personal) favorites. Ok. Bye now.


“I’ll never forget that look on my student’s faces when the light bulb turns on. You made it so easy for them. Creative freedom + serious play. I’m not ashamed to say that I learned quite a lot in this workshop too.”

— Post Workshop Survey Feedback, Arts Educator / Facilitator


 Advancing Arts Education


The Transparency of Advancement

The world of nonprofits runs thick with thousands of organizations all doing the most incredible work and saving the world, including in the world of the arts – if we don’t mind saying so.

So – there’s no reason for you to pick us except for a feeling. That gut feeling that comes from the same place we try to communicate with our work. We’re working on changing the game of nonprofit development, to make it irresistible. But we still need your help.

It’s not all about money. Any nonprofit can attest to the fact that a little help goes a long way, and it’s even better when you love what the nonprofit does. That might mean volunteering in a range unique, creative – and no-so creative – challenges to learn in a fast-paced, fun environment while helping your local nonprofit grow. An in-kind donation of interesting items that could befit a properties master’s eye, or connecting a possible opportunity.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re serious about this – like us. And we match your smirk with an even bigger smirk, cause your’s just got bigger. See?


Our sights are set on some pretty major goals, barriers we would love to break for students, and to create environments that generate interest in learning. Places that live just as vividly in the imagination once you’ve left, as the moment you’re there.

When we work with students, we find it important to use the tools and materials we teach. It’s a use what works, reference what doesn’t. Physical exploration is equally important to conceptual imagineering.

It is important to instill a wide realm of possibility for students, set on the foundations of a safe environment. Theatre has taught us empathy, the importance of dedicated skill through repetitious practice, and the value of mistake. Journey Lab / Enrichment is designed to facilitate an a connecting of the dots, the experiment, the study, and the less effective way of doing something – is one of the beautiful, constructive processes to undergo.

University-level masterclasses explore a professional development route employed in our commercial and laboratory works; on a range of subjects: performance, narrative design, world-building, business of show business, as well as providing direct access to the company’s creative process.



Artist Residency Program


Journey Lab was built by artists, and honestly – we get the struggle. Like fighting against the current, it is difficult to find peace when opportunities for growth either come at an extreme cost, or you end up playing with your friends in your dad’s garage. Well, let’s meet in the best of both worlds. 

Journey Lab partners and provides masterclasses with expert artists, as well as six, eight, and twelve week workshops where we serious-play for growth. It’s meant to be enjoyed, but also exceptionally challenging. 

All of our Artist Residency workshops come at no cost to you artists. It’s time to start making opportunities. No excuses. 

We’re accepting applications into the Artist Residency Program – to cultivate a unique company of artists to master skills for interactive and immersive performance; including story structure and application, social psychology, physical performance, game mechanics and invention. 



Hosted Guest Experts

Highlighted Workshops

  • JL / Symposium, ‘The State of the Art: Reflections of Creative Response’

  • Alyssa Kim: Director of Interactive & Experience Design, ‘Interactive Performance Technique’

  • ‘Composition of Spontaneous Story Through Viewpoints: Immersive Performance/Design Workshop’

  • ‘Praxis: Game Mechanics Applied to Immersive Storytelling’

  • ProTancy Studios, Masterclass for Professional Dancers on ‘Subversive Story Composition Through Viewpoints Exploration' Intensive

Artist Residency Program / Application –

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Language learning meets the world of immersive and interactive story design.