Journey Lab is an arts organization producing works that transform the passive consumption of the arts into life changing experiences. Our brand encourages the connection of communities through the power of storytelling. Our philosophy is rooted in a passion for storytelling. We believe in the extraordinary moments that occur between people. Our aim is to communicate with contemporary, nontraditional theatre audiences who may feel alienated from traditional forms of art, and to engage them in both creative dialogue and participation. 

Journey Lab: International expands our reach to a global audience by taking our work further afield worldwide, contributing to the cultural exchange of global artists – where we can share the best practices possible.


At Journey Lab, our philosophy is rooted in a passion for storytelling. We believe the future of storytelling occurs when you place the audience at the heart of the narrative. Our team specializes in crafting cinematically designed worlds where audience are free to explore the realms of a narrative and are challenged to discover their own. By blending theatre and reality, we curate a place where discoveries inspire a creative lifestyle and connect communities. 

Founded in 2015, Journey Lab's unique method of storytelling has already gained recognition. Our philosophy expands the audience's experience beyond the walls of the production – inviting you to step into a world with a narrative as vast as your imagination.