Journey Lab is an arts organization producing works that transform the passive consumption of the arts into life changing experiences. Our brand encourages the connection of communities through the power of storytelling. Our philosophy is rooted in a passion for storytelling. We believe in the extraordinary moments that occur between people. Our aim is to communicate with contemporary, nontraditional theatre audiences who may feel alienated from traditional forms of art, and to engage them in both creative dialogue and participation. 

Journey Lab: International expands our reach to a global audience by taking our work further afield worldwide, contributing to the cultural exchange of global artists – where we can share the best practices possible.


At Journey Lab, our philosophy is rooted in a passion for storytelling. We believe the future of storytelling occurs when you place the audience at the heart of the narrative. Our team specializes in crafting cinematically designed worlds where audience are free to explore the realms of a narrative and are challenged to discover their own. By blending theatre and reality, we curate a place where discoveries inspire a creative lifestyle and connect communities. 

Founded in 2015, Journey Lab's unique method of storytelling has already gained recognition. Our philosophy expands the audience's experience beyond the walls of the production – inviting you to step into a world with a narrative as vast as your imagination. 






Saudade (the presence of absence)

New york city  2018

Special four-day performance at the North of History gallery. Saudade (the presence of absence), untranslatable from Portuguese, roughly means the melancholic nostalgia for something you’ve never had. A movement-based, ‘viewpoints’ inspired piece with interactivity, the work explores the story we create for ourselves everyday and how vast our imagination is. Yet, we battle how isolating an unforgivingly connected city makes us feel. We bear the accumulated weight of our own ambitions, routines, friends, triumphs, mistakes, worries, and inherited craziness. Still, there is also the pull of that feeling. The feeling that a could-have-been encounter might have shaped your life in an incredibly different way, sweeping you into the alternate realities of your life. The dream of yourself becoming almost anything. And even beyond that... there are those that orbit you. Entire stories you'll never know exist, in which you might appear only once. As an extra sipping coffee in the background. As a blur of traffic on the highway. As a lighted window at dusk.

Inspired by themes of what it means to live in New York City from resident visual artists in North of History's Urban Interconnections. The exhibition explores the isolation and connectivity which creates the fundamental fabric of the city we call home and weaves us together into a dynamic tapestry. The works, including painting, collage and mixed media, will showcase how six diverse artists view their place in this tapestry and illustrate both realistic and surrealistic portrays of the people and places they encounter.

Joie Bauer*
Phoebe Dunn
Billy Griffin, Jr.
Sophia Hall
Ethan Itzkow*
Devin Richey
Serena Ryen



Безликие | 'Faceless' 

SainT PETERSBURG  2017-2018

Expanding the world of our legendary production in Moscow, Вернувшиеся – an entirely new world has opened its doors. 

Your wardrobe. Your handwriting. Your choice of bath towels. How you take your tea. Every little nuance, every choice you make becomes your presented identity, compartmentalized by your disposition. We trick ourselves into creating a facade to shield our true characters from the rest of the world, separating our public and private lives. What we don’t take into consideration is that everything we do- our mannerisms, our habits, our unspoken preferences- they’re all giving us away. In the pursuit of comfort, knowledge and individuality, we are blinded and directionless. But when you strip yourself of all aspects of insincerity and live in the realm of blank observation, you can become the conductor of the predictable, hiding in plain sight. Who do we become when we step outside the idea of ourselves? How do we remain distinguishable when we choose to be faceless? And, more importantly, in the vast scope of those before us and those still to come, who do we want to be? In the face of repetition, expectation and carefully calculated pretenses, who will you choose to become?

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New york city 2017

Joining UN Women, The United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women in presenting the second annual HeForShe Arts Week in New York City. Journey Lab is a partner in the 2017 Arts Week – proud to evolve the behaviors, norms, and perceptions that shape our cultural view of gender, with other partners like The Public Theatre and New York City Ballet. 

Elsinore | Hayley has the world at her feet. Her mother passes dubiously leaving her company to her sister, as she struggles to submit or rage against the injustice of her new reality. Attending as plus-one's to an exclusive dinner reception, audiences are thrust into the center of an interactive evening to mourn, celebrate, and question the nature of their choices and identity.

~Proceeds will benefit the UN Women and HeForShe mission.



new york city upcoming

International Festival of Light (NYC) connects cities to global culture using state of the art technology and New York City's unique styles of architecture.

Tap (here) below for a demo presented at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


Вернувшиеся | 'The revenants'

MOSCOW 2016-2018


Based on Henrik Ibsen’s GhostsВернувшиеся ('The Revenants') is an immersive adaptation of Ibsen’s classic story. Within a seventeenth century estate in the center of Moscow, Russia. At the epicenter of this theatrical experience, the audience is invited to freely explore Ibsen’s epic world, forging their own unique journey. Blending classical text, modern dance and cinematically-designed installation, The Revenants maintains Ibsen’s renowned narrative through a new, provocative lens that influences all five senses. 

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Focused on the origins and history of Riverside Park, Journey Lab produced an enticing experience for 200+ gala guests. An elegant story unfolded while guests self-explored the park and became apart of a story 100 years in the making. 




An interactive experience for three hundred gala attendees within the Metropolitan Club. Guests co-created the outcome of an ambitious love triangle culminating in a massive feast and dance party. 




An immersive, site-sympathetic theatrical experience, The Alving Estate placed audiences several years before the events of Ibsen's Ghosts. Brought on as prospectively employed household help, the audience is launched into a world of false promises and desperate desires.

This production was an experimental engagement for NYC audiences. 


ASTOR & GREY: The rendezvous

new jersey 2015

An intimate trans-locational, stumble-upon experience for one person set within a dozen cafes across the towns of Montclair, Bloomfield, and Glenridge. The staff and associates of the famed antique shop: Astor & Grey's Antiques and Auctioneers, were engaged by participants in one-to-one, tactile rendezvous that explore the mysteries of the shop and the people who run it. 





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